38 Degree Advisors

Capital Raising

Building a growing and profitable business almost always requires outside capital to support that growth. The financial path you choose will fundamentally impact the future of your business and help determine how much value your business can generate in the future.

38 Degree Advisors helps clients raise capital in order to support their long term growth and liquidity objectives. We are dedicated to serving the needs of undiscovered, innovative, privately held early through growth stage companies and their investors. We assist our clients in determining the appropriate capital structure, optimal capital to be raised and meeting potential long term institutional investors.

38 Degree Advisors leverages its experience to facilitate the capital raising process with the objective of having minimal impact on the business while allowing the owners and/or management to continue to focus on managing and growing their business. Through our extensive contacts in the venture capital, private equity, strategic investor and commercial banking communities, 38 Degree Advisors has developed a broad network of potential investors across a wide range of investment types and stages.

Our capital raising process includes:

  • Developing company positioning and key messages
  • Working with management to develop professional deal marketing materials
  • Creating a financial valuation model to guide pricing, dilution and cash requirements
  • Reviewing the business and personal objectives of the company’s principals and shareholders
  • Developing a list of target investors based on investor type and suitability
  • Selling, negotiating and closing the funding transaction in a timely manner